Much to the amusement for his fans and the cycling, Sir Hoy is donning a new cap of late. The legendary Brit rider is reportedly co-authoring books for children.

The most decorated Olympian from Britain will be would be working award-winning writer Joanna Nadin & together they would be coming up with 6 books. The books would be published by Hot Key Books.

The series would be entitled as “Flying Fergus” and it would be an illustrated fiction for children from 5-8. The stories would focus on a budding cyclist called Fergus, simple lad with extraordinary imagination. The only thing he is looking forward to for his 9th birthday is a top-range bike called “The Sullivan Swift”. He needs the bike to triumph at local time-trials. But Fergus family is struggling hard to make both ends meet- his dad had disappeared and his mom & grandpa are into a tough time raising him & hence are unable to bear such a pricey present.

Thus, Fegus is left with his dad’s rusty bike yet as he moves out to test it he realizes that there is something more in the old bike than what meets the plain eye.

The initial two books would published next year in the month of March and the further titles would be released in the months of July, October & 2017 January.

The fiction that would be released in the month of October would be accompanied by a non-fiction work to encourage kids about fun and safe cycling.

“Working with Nadin is just fantastic & I am hopeful that these books would be able to excite & inspire kids & open them to the adventures and freedom that could be offered by the two wheels, with just little bit of hard work”, stated Sir Hoy.