Winning Commonwealth Chris Hoy Was Fond Of Memories

In 1986 Commonwealth games it was a first exposure for Sir Chris Hoy’s of live sporting event. It was pretty excited for him.

But history has to prove that and Hoy becomes the most decorated athletes by winning 11 world titles, six Olympic gold medals and two commonwealth golds. “I remembered that everyone is turning up and warming up for me that I am in the best form at that point. I was working hard but have no idea that I could win the gold medal or not” Hoy recalls.

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Sheffield To Host Major Cycling Event

Sheffield is in the list of host cities for a major cycling event as the city was supported by Chris Hoy, the Olympic Hero.

Sheffield is one among the 13 cities in the UK to host a cycle ride event in this summer.  This event is to encourage people of all ages to ride their bikes.

The event will be conducted by British Cycling in partnership with HSBC. This cycling promoting event is scheduled for 16th of July and it will take place at city center. Apart from the cycling course, there will be stalls to promote the cycling habit. The exact route will be announced later.

British Cycling and HSBC want to make cycling the most popular sports choice and activity in the UK. The target is to make 2 million people use bikes by 2020. Giles Morgan, HSBC’s global head of sponsorship feels that by encouraging more people to cycle, they will be able to create a greener, happier and healthier nation. (more…)

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Sir Chris Hoy, cycling superstar had a lovely time with kids and other authors as well as they kicked off the Biggest Book Show on Earth in Glasgow.

A number of other authors and illustrators in the book show brought their books to life as well in the launching of the tour held at the Royal Concert Hall. This was ahead of a five city tour with more than 30 authors and illustrators participating actively.

Hoy, who is the author of the Flying Fergus series of books, expressed his happiness in being part of the show.

He said: “I couldn’t be happier to be taking part in The Biggest Book Show on Earth. Having released my first children’s books last year, it’ll be great to put on a show for the kids in the audience.”

The event which will run from until March 3, will hit several regions all over the country and is also expected to reach no less than 6,000 children. (more…)

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Cycling champion, Sir Chris Hoy has recently hailed a gritter driver of the Dumfries and Galloway Council for saving his life after his car got hit by ice and got stuck within a snow bank.

The hero, Stevie Fallon, was ready to help the Olympian after the accident which occurred on the A701 north of Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway.

Stevie Fallon gave a lift to Sir Chris Hoy in his gritter back and took him to Moffat where they got the chance to arrange for the vehicle’s recovery.

Taking to twitter, the cycling champion expressed his gratitude and put the mind of everyone to rest as regarding his safety. He confirmed that there had been no harm done to him or his car. He gave a confirmation that on Thursday afternoon his car truly hit black ice and stopped in the snow bank near Greenhill stairs. (more…)

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Hoy Drives Juke On Two Wheels

The six time Olympic gold medalist Chris Hoy has shown that he is a master in driving a vehicle with two wheels.

This legendary cyclist is a master of his cycle, but did anyone know that he can even drive a car on two wheels. Sir Chris Hoy is one man who can pull off such stunts very easily and this is what he did when he drove the Nissan Juke a few days ago. Hoy had recently driven for the Nissan Algarve Pro Racing team in the Le Mans 24 hour race in the P2 class.

It only took two days for a master performer like Hoy to learn the art of driving a car on two wheels. Hoy was pretty much excited about his latest achievement. He said that it was such an amazing experience to drive the Juke on two wheels. He felt that the adrenaline rush and the excitement of making it helped him to achieve this feat easily. Even though he is a rookie driver, Hoy did not have any inhibitions to go for the two wheel drive on the Juke car. Sir Hoy was relieved that he could pull off the act without any issues. (more…)

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Chris Hoy’s Debut Race In Le Mans Is Successful

For those who have been following up with Chris Hoy’s preparation for debut race in Le Mans will surely have followed the race and how it went to their star two wheeler champion.

After all, though it was his debut race, many had faith in him and he did not disappoint, having won six gold medals at Olympic level. Indeed, his days of cycling having put behind as he has retired from this professional sport, fans of Sir Chris Hoy have been delighted to find his handsome frame back in the spotlight again, this time in smart racing gear for motor racing. (more…)

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