Hoy Drives Juke On Two Wheels

The six time Olympic gold medalist Chris Hoy has shown that he is a master in driving a vehicle with two wheels.

This legendary cyclist is a master of his cycle, but did anyone know that he can even drive a car on two wheels. Sir Chris Hoy is one man who can pull off such stunts very easily and this is what he did when he drove the Nissan Juke a few days ago. Hoy had recently driven for the Nissan Algarve Pro Racing team in the Le Mans 24 hour race in the P2 class.

It only took two days for a master performer like Hoy to learn the art of driving a car on two wheels. Hoy was pretty much excited about his latest achievement. He said that it was such an amazing experience to drive the Juke on two wheels. He felt that the adrenaline rush and the excitement of making it helped him to achieve this feat easily. Even though he is a rookie driver, Hoy did not have any inhibitions to go for the two wheel drive on the Juke car. Sir Hoy was relieved that he could pull off the act without any issues.

Chris Hoy’s Debut Race In Le Mans Is Successful

For those who have been following up with Chris Hoy’s preparation for debut race in Le Mans will surely have followed the race and how it went to their star two wheeler champion.

After all, though it was his debut race, many had faith in him and he did not disappoint, having won six gold medals at Olympic level. Indeed, his days of cycling having put behind as he has retired from this professional sport, fans of Sir Chris Hoy have been delighted to find his handsome frame back in the spotlight again, this time in smart racing gear for motor racing.

Tyler Farrar adopts spectator’s bike following crash on Tour Down Under

Tyler Farrar, an American cyclist, got into difficulty during stage 3 of Tour Down Under near Adelaide, Australia.

He rammed during a sprint and then he ended up in a dump, and his bike was bust up. But a kind-hearted watcher came to the rescue, passing on over his own bike so Farrar could end the race.
Tyler was travelling at speeds of more than forty miles per hour when he came off the path during the 139 kilometers stage in south Australia, and was left bruised and bloodied. He was evaluated by medical personnel, and appeared all set to carry on, but a few miles down the road realized that his bike was in no right state to carry on. The backing squad had driven off, and it appeared as if Farrar was finished – but for the interference of Anthony Tooman.
Tooman said that they could see him on the side of the road, and he asked whether he requires a wheel. He answered that the wheel is not going to cut it. Then he asked what pedals he is running. He was on Speedplay and he was on Shimano. They he said that he might just take everything. They also swapped shoes. Tyler, then jumped on to Tooman’s bike. Tooman gave him some water and bid adieu.

Sir Hoy Co-Writing Books For Children

Much to the amusement for his fans and the cycling, Sir Hoy is donning a new cap of late. The legendary Brit rider is reportedly co-authoring books for children.

The most decorated Olympian from Britain will be would be working award-winning writer Joanna Nadin & together they would be coming up with 6 books. The books would be published by Hot Key Books.

The series would be entitled as “Flying Fergus” and it would be an illustrated fiction for children from 5-8. The stories would focus on a budding cyclist called Fergus, simple lad with extraordinary imagination. The only thing he is looking forward to for his 9th birthday is a top-range bike called “The Sullivan Swift”. He needs the bike to triumph at local time-trials. But Fergus family is struggling hard to make both ends meet- his dad had disappeared and his mom & grandpa are into a tough time raising him & hence are unable to bear such a pricey present.

Thus, Fegus is left with his dad’s rusty bike yet as he moves out to test it he realizes that there is something more in the old bike than what meets the plain eye.

The initial two books would published next year in the month of March and the further titles would be released in the months of July, October & 2017 January.